Snoop and Martha on Ellen

2.1 Million Views and counting.

Uncle Snoop mixes up a few drinks in the #BarthTee.

Snoop Dogg Live on 2KTV in the #BarthVH

We're hanging with Snoop Dogg! The Godfather of Hip-Hop himself is the first DJ for the initial Park After Dark! Watch as he talks about what he has in store for the groundbreaking live music event, his new album, basketball, & more in the #BarthVH!!

Snoop, Martha, & Miley on Ellen

The OG Snoop Dogg in the #BarthVH battling Martha Stewart and Miley Cyrus on the Ellen speachless....shout out RMM Managment for sincerely keeping their word.  They shop and give me good looks when they wear the gear.  Im blessed.

Snoop and Martha on Air with Ryan Seacrest

1/4 Million Views and Counting

The OG in the #BarthTee