A Reinterpretation of the worn environment.

The HOB Black Label and our streetwear collection B.Gold NYC, work symbiotically as a design collective which continually borrow from each others world.  Founded in 2012 by Brooklyn architect Winston Bartholomew Holder III, both are a cross-section between fashion and architecture. Ranging from Haute Couture to ready-to-wear, the collections indulge in leather goods, active wear, accessories, jewelry, interior design and furniture.

Removing itself from the conventional standards of fashion, the crew abides by an unprecedented set of ideals which go against the commercial flow. Focusing on the feel good aspect of quality fabrics, sustainability and hand applied technique with garments that blend smart wear with street-wear shapes using masculine, clean lines of understated deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation.




CEO / Menswear Architect / Head Pattern Maker

Born and raised in Brownsville BK, I spent my first few collections having fun and my next few trying to prove that my designs were not urban or overly street. 

I coddled my ideas only selling from my workspace to tastemakers and doing custom commissions for celebrities thinking that would gain me recognition for my talents.  I was wrong.  Bootlegging was so severe it won me my first Newspaper cover of Metro NY for our Sigil Collection hats, which still sell on market tables from Canal St to East London. 

The House of Barth but is a fresh direction.  Like each before, its all designed, cut, and sewn in house at our garment district workspace and factory.  I’m having fun again, with a host of new ideas and a team to help me make it happen. 



Director of Operations

Born in Western Wales, Rozay began her career in design as an apprentice to the great grandson's uncle of Leonardo Divinci's neighbor at the tender age of 3.  After a few years developing her skills she was hired and moved to NYC on the spot when a chance encounter put her and Barth in the sam pub in Mountain Ash.


CFO / Creative Director / Womenswear Architect

Born in Mountain Ash, Wales and raised traveling the world as a signed model since the age of 16, I spent the first few years of my design career sketching, painting, and cultivating my love for art through photography and writing.  

Applying all to HOB has allowed me to challenge myself further by managing the development and launch of each collection, shooting and curating all of our lookbooks, creating and launching our first vertical women's wear collection, curating our pop up shops, and managing all financial logistics of the business from sampling to the 10 steps of the procurement cycle..



Graphic Design / Photographer

Born in Hackensack and raised in Paterson, NJ. I’ve been drawing and designing since the age of 12, recently added photography to my arsenal and have been heavily involved with since early 2016.

I started honing my skill set as a freshman in college and began working with different artists and creating their vision with my graphic design field of background and drawing skills. I found enough confidence to pursue in working with larger companies and artist to push my work out into the field. I push myself every day to improve, cultivate ideas on building brands and helping them succeed.



COO / Designer / Pattern Maker

Born and raised in Brownsville BK, I spent my first few collections as an intern learning the fundamentals of cutting, sewing and bringing a design to fruition from sketch to finished garment.

To date I manage day to day operations of both our garment district workshop where the three of us cut and sew all of our samples as well as our factory around the corner where we produce all of our finished garments.  Explaining the patterns and construction to our team of 5 tailors, cutting all production fabrics for construction, as well as the development of my first garment the #BarthOC