@BigJLdn Jacey Elthalion PSA about Barth NY

A PSA from Jacey Elthaalion while wearing the Barth MM Hoody

My SnapChat for a day during Fashion Week.  AW16

I haven't done a post in a while so i figured I'd give you guys a taste of what we have been up to.  Particularly during fashion week.  Watch as I tail our CFO @ShaunLBennett backstage during her shows and my view from the Front Row as she strolls by.

Episode 5. - City Life Series: Epsteins

Hang with the crew as we enjoy a few beers at our favorite, and sadly now gone, watering hole.  Featuring a few of the homies on our latest designs.

Episode 4. - City Life Series: 420 party @CatMcniel's

Its 420, and we got baking with Cat McNiel and the crew.  I made the "butter" and Cat cooked up some white chocolate chip macadamia nut edibles that would put any dispensary to shame.   Featuring some of our exclusive 1 of 1 customs from the season.

Episode 3. - City Life Series: Wine in Dumbo

No dinner party is the same when you invite one of the #BarthNY crew.  We all usually end up crashing so move over and pass the good stuff.

Episode 2. - City Life Series: Tuesday is Club night

When you want to avoid the rush of tourists at the bars, you club like a real NYer.  On a Monday, a Wendsday...hell anyday we feel like it...today just happens to be Tuesday.  Featuring some of our premier collection pieces for the season.

Episode 1. - City Life Series: Jacket Road Test

There is only one way to test your denim samples for us, a hard ride through Central Park.  Roll with us and watch us break in our new denim and leather jackets from the collection.

Menswear Featured New Artist / Coast Trade Show

Roll with us as we act up during one of the biggest apparel trade shows in Miami. 

Coast Trade Show Afterparty at the B.Gold NYC Style Lounge

What do you do after you turn up a trade show with 14 cases of sponsored alcohol?  Bring all of the buyers back to your hotel suite to finish off the remaining 11 cases.

City Life Series: St. Patricks Day with Pete Bolton and Sophie Holmes

Having drinks at the South Street Seaport with the fam.  Why not test drive some of the new collection at the same time.

City Life Series: Cala San Vicente, Mallorca

Terrorizing this tiny island with the boys in the new collection.  Video quality is horrible but the times were epic.