Barth NY Preview

Jacey Elthalion in the #BarthMM.  Shot in London by the amazing Jenny Hands.

Bartholomew Black Gold Collection

Our first smart collection featuring Jacey Elthalion, Tom Lander, Sam Webb, Danny Beauchamp, and Freddy Bradshaw.  We picked up the old guy from the train station on our way to the workshop.

B.Gold NYC White Collection

Interpretive of how we were feeling at the time.  Wild and able to do what we want.  Featuring Jacey Elthalion, Sam Webb, Freddy Bradshaw, Tom Lander, and Miles Langford.

B.Gold NYC City Life Collection

A vibrant exercise in textures.  Everything from denim, to waxed canvas, to cashmere and mink blended suiting.  Featuring Sam Webb, Miles Langford, Pete Bolton, and Sophie Holmes.

B.Gold NYC Blue Collection

Our first delve into denim.  Paired with burnout, 3m, asymmetrical lines, perforated calf skin sleeves, and chenille, I think we were a bit ahead of our time.  Featuring Erin Fee, Danny Beauchamp, and Wanessa Milhomem.

B.Gold NYC Debut Collection

Our introduction to the world.  Featuring Jacey Elthalion and Sam Webb.